Clinton Calls Trump Mexico Trip ‘Embarrassing International Incident’

CLEVELAND — Hillary Clinton for the first time at a public event on Monday reacted to Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico and his sweeping immigration speech, telling a charged up crowd in Cleveland that it was "even more evidence that Trump is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president.”

"In just a few hours he managed to turn his trip to Mexico into an embarrassing international incident. He even got into a Twitter war with the President of Mexico and then he delivered his most hate-filled hard lined speech yet, doubling down on his absurd plans to send a deportation force to round up 16 million people to deport them. You can’t make this stuff up can you,” she said.

Trump spars with Sen. Flake over immigration 5:53

Clinton added, "He can try to distract with divisive, dangerous rhetoric. He can try to fool voters into thinking somehow he’s not as harsh and inhumane as he seems but it’s too late. When you see what he has said and done in this campaign. When you see that he can’t even go to a foreign country without getting into a public feud with the president, I think the answer is clear. Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be our commander-in-chief.”

Last week, Trump recommitted to his hardline immigration policy and the idea of mass deportations during a lengthy and fiery speech in Phoenix, after flying to Mexico to meet with the country’s president.

This was Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine’s first joint event together since their bus tour after the convention that went across Pennsylvania and Ohio.

As soon as Clinton took the stage, she was overcome with a very uncomfortable coughing fit for several minutes that made it very difficult for her to speak or be heard. She tried to make light of the situation, joking, "Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

Clinton spent a good deal of time touting her new book with Tim Kaine, “Stronger Together,” which comes out tomorrow.

Sen. Kaine responded to comments from Donald Trump at a roundtable in Cleveland earlier Monday where the Republican nominee said, “and she looks presidential, fellas, okay. Hillary Clinton would be a disaster.” Kaine mistook Trump’s comments for being a tweet.

"Can I tell you something that really made me mad today? Donald Trump put out a tweet today about our nominee for president and the tweet essentially said, 'She doesn't look presidential, does she, fellas?' Listen to that again, listen to that again. This is what he said: 'She doesn't look presidential, does she, fellas?' 'Does she, fellas?' Here's my prediction: at the end of the second term of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will still be saying that very same thing as he's hawking bottled water somewhere and we've forgotten that he ever ran for President of the United States."

Kaine also referred to his fellow Senator, Ohio’s Sherrod Brown — who was another possible VP pick for Clinton -- saying he has “no better friend” than Brown.

The race in Ohio remains very close, with Clinton at a 4-point lead above Trump in a recent poll from Monmouth.