Clinton Maintains Nearly 3-to-1 Ad Spending Edge

Two weeks out until Election Day, Hillary Clinton continues to outspend Donald Trump over the airwaves by nearly a 3-to-1 margin, according to ad-spending data from Advertising Analytics.

Clinton’s campaign has spent almost $142 million on TV and radio ads, and outside groups have chipped in an additional $103 million, bringing Team Clinton’s total to more than $245 million.

That’s compared with nearly $96 million for Team Trump -- $59 million from the campaign and an extra $37 million from pro-Trump outside groups.

In battleground states alone, Team Clinton has outspent Team Trump, $220 million to $85 million.

And in battleground states for just this week, it’s Team Clinton $22 million, Team Trump $9.8 million -- a 2-to-1 margin.

Ad Spending Through Current Week

Clinton campaign: $141.7 million

Pro-Clinton outside groups: $103.6 million

Team Clinton total: $245.3 million

Trump campaign: $58.8 million

Pro-Trump outside groups: $37 million

Team Trump total: $95.8 million

SOURCE: Advertising Analytics