Clinton Not Airing Ads in Upcoming Primary States

The Clinton campaign is no longer airing advertisements in the Democratic presidential contest, according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta, reflecting how the campaign is pivoting more and more to the general election.

Team Clinton hasn’t spent a single cent in the upcoming primary states of California, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon and West Virginia, while Bernie Sanders’ campaign has spent a little more than $1 million in those same states.

This comes as Clinton leads Sanders by 331 pledged delegates and 787 overall delegates in the Democratic presidential race. According to NBC’s math, Sanders must win 81 percent of the remaining delegates (both in pledged and superdelegates) to win a majority of delegates, while Clinton needs just 19 percent.


  • Sanders: $555,000
  • Clinton: $0


  • Sanders: $382,000
  • Clinton: $0


  • Sanders: $60,000
  • Clinton: $0


  • Sander: $123,000
  • Clinton: $0

West Virginia

  • Sanders: $22,000
  • Clinton: $0