Clinton Outspends Sanders in Super Tuesday States

Hillary Clinton and her allies are spending $4.1 million on ads in 11Super Tuesday states, while Bernie Sanders is advertising in just five states at $3.3 million, according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta through Feb. 28.

Clinton and her Super PAC are up with ads in Alabama ($416,000), Arkansas ($43,000), Colorado ($540,000, Georgia ($295,000), Massachusetts ($543,000), Minnesota ($386,000), Oklahoma ($378,000), Tennessee ($421,000), Texas ($586,000), Vermont ($7,000) and Virginia ($452,000).

By contrast, Sanders is up in Colorado ($1.2 million), Massachusetts ($650,000) Minnesota ($680,000), Oklahoma ($690,000) and Texas ($32,000)

On the Republican side, Marco Rubio’s Super PAC is advertising in eight states at $1.2 million, while Ted Cruz’s campaign is up with $185,000 in five states.

The eight Rubio states: Alabama ($52,000), Arkansas ($74,000), Georgia ($89,000), Oklahoma ($107,000), Tennessee ($150,000), Texas ($631,000), Vermont ($42,000) and Virginia ($91,000).

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The five Cruz states: Alabama ($45,000), Arkansas ($12,000), Cruz ($67,000), Oklahoma ($28,000), Tennessee ($33,000).

And John Kasich’s Super PAC is spending a mere $35,000 in two Super Tuesday states – Massachusetts ($12,000) and Vermont ($23,000).

Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, hasn’t spent a single cent on ads in Super Tuesday states.