Clinton Releases First General Election Ad Against Trump

Days after clinching the Democratic nomination and securing key party endorsements, Hillary Clinton is pivoting to another essential phase of the general election: television advertising.

On Sunday, her campaign previewed its first general election ad against Donald Trump, in which Clinton targets him specifically by saying: "It’s wrong to pit people against each other."

The ad, narrated by Clinton, argues that the choice between her and the presumptive Republican nominee is clear: "What kind of America do we want to be? Dangerously divided or strong and united? I believe we are always stronger together."

The 60-second spot includes clips of Trump saying he’d like to "punch" a protester "in the face" and encouraging rally-goers to "knock the crap out of them." It also features Trump calling out and impersonating a disabled reporter. The concept of being "stronger together" has emerged as Clinton’s central campaign idea in recent weeks.

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"We’ve had enough partisan division and gridlock already. It’s time to unite behind some simple, common goals," Clinton says in the ad, before listing her priorities: the economy, national security and giving "every man, woman and child the chance to live up to their God-given potential."

Trump responded via Twitter, saying that Clinton had "made a false ad about me" and that he "would NEVER moch [sic] the disabled." Trump deleted the tweet and replaced it with another with correct spelling of mock.

The former secretary of state heads to two battleground states this week: Ohio and Pennsylvania. On Monday, she will formally kick off the general election with a speech in Cleveland that will echo the themes laid out in this new video, an aide said. The ad, entitled "Who We Are," will start airing in battleground states on Thursday.