Clinton Team Shifting Staff to General Election Swing States

In another sign that Hillary Clinton is setting her sights on the general election, her campaign is preparing to hire staffers in some of the battleground states that will be most competitive in November.

A Clinton campaign official tells NBC News that the first wave of new hires and reassignments will involve state directors and other senior staff. Those teams will continue to be built out, and the campaign eventually plans to have full-fledged general election operations in every state.

So far, the campaign is setting up state directors in Florida, New Hampshire and Colorado.

The news was first reported in USA Today.

The Clinton aide stressed that the Democratic frontrunner will continue to campaign in remaining primary states. Rival Bernie Sanders has said he will campaign "until the last vote is cast" but lags far behind in the total delegate count.

Clinton staff will remain in states with upcoming primaries, like California. But the campaign is no longer airing TV ads in any of the states where Democratic voters will go to the polls in May and June.