Clinton, Trump Call Off Campaign Events in Wake of Dallas Shootings

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both called off scheduled campaign events Friday in the wake of the sniper shootings in Dallas that left five law enforcement officers dead.

Hillary Clinton postponed a planned joint rally with Vice President Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, while Trump cancelled a planned trip to Florida.

Both candidates tweeted condolences to the victims Friday morning.

Clinton also scrapped a planned fundraiser, but she still plans to travel to Philadelphia later Friday to address a convention of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She was slated to speak at that conference about the recent series of deaths of black men in shootings by law enforcement officials. But plans for the event remain fluid, a campaign official said.

Clinton's rally in Biden's hometown of Scranton was intended to shore up her support among blue-collar voters in the working-class region, where the vice president remains a popular retail campaigner.

Trump was scheduled to travel to Florida with vice presidential prospect Gov. Chris Christie. The real estate mogul, who has high disapproval ratings among Hispanics, had planned to address the Hispanic community in a speech as well as host a lunch with local leaders at Miami's famed Versailles restaurant.

In a written statement, Trump called the Dallas shootings "a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe." His statement praised police and also mentioned "the senseless, tragic deaths of two motorists in Louisiana and Minnesota," a apparent reference to two African-American men shot by police officers earlier this week. (Only one of the two men was driving at the time of the incident.)