Clinton: Trump Taking ‘Race-Baiting Ideas’ Into the ‘Mainstream’

'He's Taking Hate Groups Mainstream': Clinton Lashes Out at Trump 2:30

Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing critique Thursday of her GOP opponent, Donald Trump, implying that he is perpetuating racism by deploying "race-baiting ideas" on the presidential stump.

"Everywhere I go, people tell me how concerned they are by the divisive rhetoric coming from my opponent in this election," Clinton said at a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada. "It’s like nothing we’ve heard before from a nominee for President of the United States. From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia."

Clinton ran through a litany of controversial comments Trump has made throughout the campaign -- from claiming that the Mexican government was sending "rapists" and killers across the border to his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and his attack on a federal judge with Mexican heritage.

Clinton: Trump Doesn't See the Success of Black Leaders 1:14

Clinton also sought to link Trump to the alt-right - white Americans who oppose the blending of culture and race and are mostly opposed to immigration. She said Trump is the champion of white supremacist David Duke and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

"He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party," Clinton said. "His disregard for the values that make our country is profoundly dangerous."

"When asked in a nationally televised interview whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump wouldn't do it. Only later, again under mounting pressure, did he backtrack," she said.

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And she said Trump's policies are those that could be implemented by ISIS.

"Under Donald Trump, America would distinguish itself as the only country in the world to impose a religious test at the border. Come to think of it, there actually may be one place that does that. It's the so-called Islamic State," Clinton noted.

She said Trump has only cemented his stature in this movement with the new head of her campaign.

"But look at who he's put in charge of his campaign. Trump likes to say he only hires the 'best people,'" she said. "To do that, he hired Stephen Bannon, the head of a right-wing website called, as campaign CEO."