Clinton: Trump Threatens to Bankrupt America Like His Casino

Standing in front of a shuttered Donald Trump casino, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday portrayed her businessman opponent as a con man who has gotten rich by taking advantage of American workers with wild promises that end up hurting those he pledges to help.

“The people he is trying to convince to vote for him now are the same people he has been exploiting for years -- working people, small business people trying to support their families,” Clinton said in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Clinton Slams Trump's Business Record in Atlantic City 1:41

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee argued that Trump’s business ventures in Atlantic City failed before the city itself hit financial woes. And when his casino went bankrupt, working class families were hurt while he thrived, Clinton argued.

Hillary Clinton speaks during a event in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on July 6. KENA BETANCUR / AFP - Getty Images

“He got rich and got out,” Clinton said. “And he thinks that’s something to be proud of. He didn’t just take advantage of investors, he took advantage of working people as well.”

What Trump did to his casino, Clinton argued, “is exactly what he will do if he wins in November.”

In a statement released shortly after Clinton’s remarks, Trump defended bankruptcy as an “effective and commonly used practice in business.”

“I created thousands of jobs and made a lot of money in Atlantic City, which was what, as a businessman, I am supposed to do for my company and my family,” Trump said in the statement.