Clinton Urges Women to ‘Stand Up’ to Trump’s ‘Bullying’

Teen Asks Clinton About Body Image And Trump's Comments on Women 2:10

PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton on Tuesday continued to call out Donald Trump for insulting a former Miss Universe and for taking the issue of body image “to a new level of difficulty and meanness,” telling a crowd of mostly women that “we need to refute” and “stand up to” the Republican nominee’s “bullying.”

Answering a question from a 15-year-old who asked how she would “undo” some of the “damage” Trump has done, Clinton said “it’s shocking when women are called names and judged on the basis solely on the basis of physical attributes.”

Appearing alongside her daughter Chelsea and actress Elizabeth Banks, Clinton touched on issues like paid leave, healthcare and substance abuse during the “family town hall” event.

During the question and answer portion, she was also asked about both gun violence and racial tensions, two issues Clinton has focused on in recent weeks following the deaths of African-American men in police shootings.

In a light-hearted moment, a young woman named Eva told Clinton that she played her in a mock debate at school and proudly boasted that she won. “Thanks for winning the debate,” Clinton said with a huge smile on her face. “That makes us 2 and 0!”

After today’s stops in Pennsylvania, Clinton has no public events until the debate on Sunday. Instead, Clinton will be spending most of her time in debate prep, with the exception of two fundraisers.

The campaign has enlisted its long list of high-profile surrogates to stump for Clinton while she studies up behind closed doors. Former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will all hit the trail for Clinton in the coming days.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden campaigned for her earlier this week in critical battleground states, and President Barack Obama was scheduled to hold a rally for Clinton Wednesday in Miami Gardens, Florida, but it was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew.