Clinton Camp Posts 3,600 Word Fact Sheet on Email Controversy

In it’s most comprehensive response yet to the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state, her presidential campaign Tuesday posted to their website a 3,600 word fact sheet it hopes will become their side’s definitive take on the issue.

While the document covers little new ground and follows previous campaign statements, it provides the most detailed and extensive answers to lingering questions about the issue in one place, and represents an acknowledgement that the issue continues to be a distraction for Clinton’s second bid for the White House.

Questions about Clinton’s email account have trailed the candidate since early March, and dominated a pre-campaign news conference and the first national TV interview she gave of her presidential campaign. Republicans have exploited the issue in light of polls showing many Americans find Clinton untrustworthy.

Formatted as a Q&A, the fact sheet on her website’s “Briefing” blog tackles more than two dozen questions about her emails and seeks to reassure that Clinton did nothing wrong. It will also likely serve as blueprint for Clinton allies to use when asked about her email account.

“[T]he only reason she used her own account” was “as a matter of convenience,” the document begins, since it made it easier for her to keep in touch with people as she traveled.

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