Corker Being Formally Vetted for Trump VP Slot

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has submitted vetting materials for Donald Trump's vice presidential search, NBC News can confirm.

While the Senate was not in session Tuesday, Corker spent the day in New York City at Trump Tower in a series of back-to-back meetings with Trump and top campaign officials. The meetings were first reported by the Washington Post.

Corker was invited to travel to North Carolina on Trump's aircraft as part of a day-long job interview and rapport-building exercise.

Corker is said to be able to speak Trump's language when it comes to business and real estate where he too made his personal fortune. He could be a bridge to the party establishment and the Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican Party.

Corker has won praise for getting out front in support of Trump's foreign-policy outlook and for being measured in his criticism of the candidate.

Corker's folksy, plainspoken demeanor is also seen as an asset.

Corker could be a running mate who would bring knowledge and work ethic without being likely to compete for attention or distract from Trump.

The second-term senator has direct, personal relationships with foreign ministers currently serving US allies and other countries around the world.

Those relationships could be valuable to interpret Trump to US allies.

The head of the Trump vetting process is a fellow Tennessean, DC lawyer and former Reagan White House counsel, AB Culvahouse. Corker and Culvahouse have known each other for years.

Aides to Senator Corker declined to comment.