Dem Challenger Again Takes Aim at Clinton Emails

Democratic presidential contender Martin O'Malley once again took aim at Hillary Clinton and the controversy over her emails, calling it a distraction for the party.

"These are serious and legitimate questions and Hillary Clinton and her lawyers will have to answer them," O'Malley, the former Maryland governor, said in a radio interview with the New Hampshire station WGIR.

"I think we as a party ... are making a huge mistake when we allow the brand on our side of this national debate every day to be questions about what did Hillary Clinton know? When did she know it? Did she wipe her server? Did she not? These are not the issues and the answers to problems that the American people, feel even if the answers come out, will make life better around their kitchen table."

O'Malley's remarks -- forwarded to NBC News by Republicans -- are similar to what he said last week about the email story while campaigning in Las Vegas. "I think it is a huge distraction from what we should be talking about as a party," he said.