DNI Clapper Denies Paul Ryan Request to Block Clinton From Classified Intel Briefings

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan's request to block Hillary Clinton from receiving classified intelligence briefings was denied by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Monday.

In a letter to Ryan, Clapper wrote that he did "not intend to withhold briefings from any officially nominated, eligible candidate."

A spokeswoman for Ryan, AshLee Strong, said in a statement that “We obviously disagree with the decision and want to know what precautions will be taken and what assurances the director can give that Secretary Clinton won't mishandle classified information. She has proven herself untrustworthy.”

House GOP confronts Comey over Clinton mails 4:38

The news came one week after FBI director James Comey announced that the FBI recommended no charges be filed against Clinton in her handling of classified email while she was Secretary of State.

Ryan excoriated Clapper, saying the decision "defies explanation," as well as Clinton, who he said "misled the American people when she was confronted with her criminal actions."

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