Donald Trump Raises $30 Million in June

Donald Trump received a major boost to his campaign coffers, announcing that he raised $30 million in June, including a $3.8 million contribution from himself. He raised another $25 million for the Republican Party, bringing his fundraising totals for the last week of May and all of June to $55 million. The final fundraising totals will be confirmed later this month when filings to the FEC are due.

In comparison, Clinton raised $40.5 million in June and an additional $28 million for the Democratic party, bringing her June totals to $68.5 million.

Trump began the month with just $1.3 million in the bank, according to FEC filings. But Trump's shot of fundraising still leaves him far behind his challenger, presumptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton not only raised more last month and had $40 million more in the bank at the end of May.

“We just started our fundraising efforts in the last week of May and we are extremely pleased with the broad-based support in the last five weeks for the Trump Campaign and Trump Victory. We want to thank our many volunteers and contributors that are committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November,” said Steven Mnuchin, Donald J. Trump for President Finance Chairman.