Donald Trump Takes Swipe at China’s Move to Devalue Its Currency

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump took a swipe at China over the country's recent currency devaluation, saying Tuesday that it would "suck the blood out" of America.

China on Tuesday devalued the yuan by 2 percent — a move which put stocks and the dollar under pressure.

At an event in Michigan on Tuesday, Trump said he loves China and called the country's leaders "so sharp and cunning."

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The presidential contender took issue with the move, telling attendees that devaluation means "suck the blood out of the U.S."

Trump covered a wide range of issues in his speech in Birch Run, Michigan.

Trump Remains In the Lead, But Potentially Hurt By Debate Performance 2:14

He called the Iran deal "horrendous," Obamacare "a disaster" and said it was "so sad" that his competitors Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were criticizing his tone. Trump's remarks on immigration and his comments about the GOP debate moderator have generated buzz.

When he said "we have to build a wall" to keep undocumented Mexican immigrants out of the U.S., Trump received a standing ovation from attendees.

Trump's previous remarks on immigration have sparked criticism — though remains a frontrunner in the polls.