Donald Trump: ‘Torture Works’

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate currently leading the pack in South Carolina, told a crowd Wednesday morning that “waterboarding is fine” but “not nearly tough enough.”

This was not the first time Trump has advocated in favor of the controversial enhanced interrogation tactic. But at a town hall event in Bluffton, South Carolina, Trump insisted that "torture works."

A Senate Torture report from 2014 said enhanced interrogation tactics did not help to retrieve information from prisoners.

Trump in S.C.: Waterboarding Works But It's Not Tough Enough 0:50

Still, Trump holds strong in his beliefs. “Don’t tell me it doesn’t work,” he said. “Torture works. Okay, folks?”

In an opinion piece earlier this week, Trump further pressed for the use of torture, writing "I cannot imagine knowing that something could have been done to save American lives and then not taking those actions.”