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Election Confessions RNC Edition: How Voters Really Feel About 2016

It's complicated.
Image: Republican National Convention: Day Four
A delegate interacts with Wes Nakagiri, dressed as US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L), prior to the start on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.Joe Raedle / Getty Images
Everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — and many at the Republican National Convention were willing to volunteer those positions with anyone asking. But when offered anonymity, opinions on the 2016 presidential election turn raw and candid, revealing a side of voters we don't often see or hear.

NBC News brought Election Confessions to Cleveland this week, giving Republicans and Democrats alike a safe space to share their secret thoughts, hopes and fears about the race for the White House — no names attached.

Over 1,250 people, including voters, delegates, campaign staff, tourists and Clevelanders, submitted confessions throughout the RNC. We rounded up some of the most shocking, depressing and entertaining secrets of the week.

Confessors who ... can’t wait for 2020

#Walker 2020

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2020 cannot come soon enough. Walker/Rubio ticket please help us!

I'm already thinking about 2020

Confessors who ... think the apocalypse is coming

Donald Trump Is the End of Days. Sad!

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I have never been so scared for our country.

I think we're doomed. Another civil war is coming.

This election makes me afraid for my life.

Trump will end the world.

Giant meteor 2016. End it all.

Confessors who ... can’t even

I just can't! —the people

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I think I might go blind from rolling my eyes so much this week.

I can't believe it got this far.

These are our choices? Sigh.

IDK not Trump tho.

None of the above.

Confessors who ... are lying to their loved ones

Not voting for Trump even though I'm on staff.

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I'm a federal employee + RNC volunteer. I am a closet Republican! #RNCinCLE is my coming out party!

I once lied about my party affiliation to get a date!

I tell friends I voted for Bernie ... but I voted for Hillary.

My gf's sister is undocumented but I hate Hillary so much that I might still go Trump. Male, 28

My mom said that she was voting for TRUMP and for once in my life I didn't want to be her daughter.

Confessors who ... are still holding out for literally anybody else

LeBron/Irving 2016

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I'm voting 4 Mitt!

I will write in a vote for Ted Cruz.

I will vote for myself. Mo for president.

I would rather vote for my dog, Reggie, than Hillary.

Gary Johnson is my guy.

Pizza for president.

Jimmy Buffett for president.

I don't like either candidate. I'll be writing my cat's name on the ballot. MEOW.

I'm writing in Ronald Reagan.

I vote for Don King.

Confessors who ... love the Trumps more than what's normal

I love Donald Trump more than my husband.

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I confess I would vote for Ivanka.

I like Donald's hair.

I love Trump more than my boyfriend.

I have a crush on Donald :)

Confessors who ... need a hug

I get to vote for the first time, and now I don't want to.

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It all makes me very sad :(.

I am disappointed that the GOP has allowed our opposition to Hillary to devolve into sexism. The anti-woman rhetoric is awful.

Excited about the politics, but not excited to vote. :(

I cried when Ted Cruz dropped out.

I licked all of the floor passes.

Confessors who ... might ruin their relationships over the election

I'm in love with a Trump fan. I'm questioning my life...

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What to do when my husband likes Trump.

I'm with her because my boyfriend would dump me if I wasn't.

Confessors who ... are so indifferent about it all

Hillary should NOT be president, but idk if Trump should be either.

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I wish there was a candidate I could get excited about.

I don't know what's going on.

I confess ... I really don't care.

Totally undecided. Want better choices!

Check out the rest at and stay tuned for our Democratic National Convention edition next week from Philadelphia.