Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump ‘Small, Insecure Money-Grubber’

PHILADELPHIA — At her first solo campaign appearance of the general election for Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren continued to make Republican nominee Donald Trump her punching bag.

Warren Calls Trump 'Small Insecure Money Grubber' 1:47

“Let’s just talk about him for a minute,” began the Massachusetts Senator before devoting much of the next ten-plus minutes to bashing Trump.

“The large orange elephant in the room,” Warren added with a smile.

The progressive firebrand laid into Trump, hitting him primarily for running a “scam university” in Trump University and mocking him as “Mr. Tough Guy” when faced with charges of fraud.

“What kind of man breaks the law to make illegal contributions to make his fraud investigations go away?” asked the Senator referring to recent allegations that Trump’s foundation paid off a Florida attorney general to cease investigating Trump University.

“A small, insecure money-grubber who will never be President of the United States!” Warren answered to cheers from the student-filled crowd at the University of Pennsylvania.

While Warren gleefully reprised Trump attack lines such as that from her first 2016 campaign stop alongside Clinton in late June, she also worked to link the GOP candidate to incumbent Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey.

Sen Warren: Trump would be a danger to US 4:28

“Trump says that Vladmir Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama and Toomey sticks with Trump,” said Warren pointing to Trump’s praise of the Russian president during NBC News’ Commander in Chief forum.

“You know, Trump once said, I could shoot someone at high noon in Times Square and it wouldn’t make any difference to my followers, I think he was talking about Pat Toomey,” charged Warren.

Senator Toomey notably has at this point not endorsed Trump, telling reporters in August he is still "watching and listening" to what the business mogul has to say.

Sitting beside Warren on stage was Democratic Senate challenger Katie McGinty, for whom the event was held along with Clinton.

Trump v. Warren in latest war of words 4:11

Warren called both Clinton and McGinty “two tough smart women” multiple times and emphasized their Pennsylvania roots.

Two recent Quinnipiac polls show both contests close, with Toomey at 46 percent and McGinty at 45 percent, and Clinton at 48 percent with Trump at 43 percent.