Eric Cantor to Endorse Jeb Bush

Former Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will endorse Jeb Bush Thursday, campaign aides confirm.

Cantor, who served as a congressman from Virginia before his primary defeat in 2014, has an extensive political and fundraising network. But he was hardly beloved by conservatives within the party during his tenure in House leadership. Cantor was defeated in a shocking loss to Tea Party opponent Dave Brat in June of last year.

"Governor Bush is a true conservative leader with a long-term vision for this country and the practical know how to implement it. After eight years of anemic growth and declining international relevance, America needs a President that can re-energize our nation and recapture our greatness - Jeb Bush is that man," Cantor said in a statement. "I look forward to working closely with the Governor and his team as they chart a course to the White House."

Cantor will serve as one of three Virginia co-chairs for Bush's campaign. Kay Coles James, former Secretary of Health and John Hager, former Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, are also backing the former Florida governor.