First Read’s Morning Clips: The Gun Fight


OFF TO THE RACES: Trump vs. the RNC?

CLINTON: Clinton releases two new positive ads in battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada that highlight her work with children. One of us confirms that the ad buy totals $7.3 million.

SANDERS: The Wall Street Journal reports that Clinton is not considering Sanders as a running mate.

TRUMP: The one-year anniversary of Trump’s presidential candidacy.

The NY Times on the debate over gun control: “Donald J. Trump said Wednesday that people on the terror watch list should be barred from buying firearms, putting himself in the center of a gun-control debate in Congress revived by the worst mass shooting in United States history. Mr. Trump’s stance, expressed in a Twitter post, does not necessarily jibe with the positions of the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association…”

The Wall Street Journal says Trump’s “overtures to the gay community and policy proposals on gun control … have unnerved and confused some would-be allies.”

And Trump said he would “open a dialogue” with North Korean dictator Kim Jon-un, the Times reports.

Politico reports that the tension is growing between Trump and the Republican National Committee. NBC’s Katy Tur notes that the Trump campaign hired liaison Ed Brookover, a former political director at the RNC, to try and smooth relations.

One day after the it announced that Russians stole the DNC’s opposition research against Trump, the Democratic Party’s 200-page research book was leaked to the press.

The Washington Post details the vulgar shirts describing Hillary Clinton at Trump rallies.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich still won’t get behind Trump, NBC’s Kailani Koenig reports.