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First Read's Morning Clips: Sanders Doesn't Concede

The top political news of the day.

OFF TO THE RACES: Sanders doesn’t concede

CLINTON: Politico writes, “No matter who wins in November, the next president will bring enormous potential conflicts of interest to the Oval Office — and watchdogs say Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren’t planning to do nearly enough to remove themselves from the entanglements that come with the two global brands stamped with their names.

SANDERS: In his video address to supporters Thursday night, according to the Washington Post: “In short, during his 23-minute speech live-streamed across the country, Sanders sounded very much like a candidate prepared to drop out of the Democratic presidential race. But the senator from Vermont pulled up short Thursday night, neither conceding the party’s nomination nor endorsing Clinton in the general election.”

Here’s more from NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald: “While technically still a candidate for the presidency, Sanders now has no events on his schedule. And top aides have essentially acknowledged that they've given up on trying to actually win the nomination by flipping superdelegates to their side.”

When asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday morning, Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver was asked if Sanders was still an active candidate for president. Weavers’ response: “Yes he is.”

TRUMP: He proposed appointing one of his top financial supporters “in charge of China,” NBC’s Alex Jaffe reports.

The NY Times notes that Trump’s fundraising needs are at odds with his antipathy toward fundraising and his electoral demands. “Mr. Trump has informed people raising money for his campaign that he is not interested in traveling to states for donor events unless there is a rally scheduled as well, according to the people involved,” the Times writes.

A nugget from the Washington Post on the RNC: “Trump said that he has received so many endorsements from ‘champions’ that he's thinking about trying something new at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July. Instead of having boring politicians talk and put everyone to sleep, he wants to have a ‘winners' night’ and feature all of the ‘great people’ who have endorsed him.”

President George W. Bush hits the campaign trail, but not for Trump, the Times notes.