#FreeChrisChristie: N.J. Gov’s Expression at Trump Event Draws Laughs on Twitter

'Concern' for Chris Christie at Trump's Super Tuesday speech goes viral 1:29

Donald Trump may have coasted to a major blowout on Super Tuesday — but it was his supporter and former rival Chris Christie who stole the show at the Republican front-runner's late-night press conference.

The New Jersey governor's inscrutable expression — on display as he stood behind a triumphant Trump in Palm Beach, Florida — became an Internet sensation.

Republican Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan joked on Twitter that Christie standing behind Trump was "like a hostage situation."

Christie's curious look lasted for a few minutes as Trump touted his win, and social media users took notice. That led the hashtag #FreeChrisChristie to start trending Tuesday night.

Christie is facing a backlash after endorsing the real estate tycoon-turned-politician last week. On Tuesday, six New Jersey newspapers called for him to resign, while a New Hampshire newspaper said it regrets endorsing his failed presidential bid.

Christie quit his campaign last month after he failed to gain traction in a crowded field.