George W. Bush Cuts Radio Ad for Brother’s SC Campaign

Jeb Bush is enlisting the help of his famous brother as the presidential race turns to South Carolina.

A new radio ad airing in the state features former president George W. Bush advocating for his brother's credentials as a "good leader" who is the best qualified candidate for commander-in-chief of the American military.

"This is President George W. Bush," he says in the ad. "We live in troubled times with the military deployed around the world. We need a strong leader with experience, ideas and resolve. There's no doubt in my mind that Jeb Bush will be a great commander in chief for our military."

The 43rd president also advocates for his brother's leadership during crises he faced during his time as the governor of Florida.

"In a time of crisis, he will be a steady hand," he says in the radio spot.

Jeb Bush is scheduled to campaign in South Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday.