Glenn Beck Officially Endorses Ted Cruz

Conservative media personality Glenn Beck officially endorsed Ted Cruz's presidential bid on Saturday while campaigning with the Texas senator in Iowa.
"I am here to announce that I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz," Beck said as he introduced the GOP hopeful in Ankeny.
On Twitter, Beck also praised Cruz's "principles" and noted that he would be the first Hispanic president if elected.
Beck also aggressively attacked Trump for "hubris" and questioned his conservative credentials.
"If Donald Trump wins, it's going to be a snowball to hell," he said.
The backing of the radio and television host comes just days after another GOP firebrand, Sarah Palin, endorsed Donald Trump.
Trump himself criticized the famously emotional Beck on Saturday, calling him a "sad sack" who is "always crying."

"I would much rather have Sarah Palin than Glenn Beck," Trump said during a campaign event at Dordt College. "Look, Glenn's a loser, okay, just so you understand. This guy's a serious loser."

In a Facebook post this week, Beck criticized onetime ally Palin for backing Trump, saying "I couldn't disagree with her more."