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GOP 2016 Ad Spending Nears $8 Million Before First Debate

Here's the breakdown of who's spending what, according to ad-buying data from SMG Delta.

Republican presidential campaigns and outside groups supporting them have spent nearly $8 million in TV advertisements so far ahead of next week’s first GOP debate — which is restricted to the candidates in the Top 10 of the national polls.

The biggest spenders, according to the ad-buying data from SMG Delta: 1) A non-profit backing Marco Rubio called Conservative Solutions Project (which doesn’t have to disclose its donors); and 2) A group supporting John Kasich.

By comparison, only about $1 million was spent at this point in the GOP presidential contest, per SMG Delta.

The only Democratic entity that has been spending money on a presidential candidate is the Super PAC supporting Martin O’Malley — and it’s just $25,000.

The GOP TV ad spending

  • Conservative Solutions Project (Pro-Rubio): $2.6 million
  • New Day for America (Pro-Kasich): $2.1 million
  • Opportunity and Freedom PAC (Pro-Perry): $1.3 million
  • Believe Again PAC, American Future Project, America Next (Pro-Jindal): $1.1 million
  • Christie campaign, America Leads PAC (Pro-Christie): $500,000
  • We The People, Not Washington (Pro-Pataki): $272,000
  • Cruz campaign: $35,000
  • Paul campaign: $12,000
  • Fiorina campaign: $3,000
  • TOTAL: $7,922,000
  • SOURCE: SMG Delta as of 7/24/15