Here's What People Are Asking Google About the 2016 GOP Hopefuls

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By Carrie Dann

If you’re like many Americans, you have questions about the Republicans running for president in 2016. And you're probably Googling them.

Google has kindly provided a list of the questions most frequently asked about each 2016 Republican candidate in the last two days.

And, in the service of an informed electorate, we in the NBC political unit have answered them.

Here are the top three questions asked of Google about each 2016 presidential candidate who will grace CNN’s primetime debate stage, in order of each hopeful’s national polling average according to Real Clear Politics.

And no, we are not making these questions up.

Donald Trump

  1. How old is Donald Trump? At 69 years old, Donald Trump will actually be the oldest candidate on the debate stage on Wednesday night.
  2. What is Donald Trump’s net worth? Good question, The Internet! This is the subject of much debate. Trump first said earlier this year that he has a $8.7 billion fortune, then claimed that his net worth actually exceeds $10 billion. Bloomberg says the real number is more like $2.9 billion. Even if the lowest number is correct, that still makes him worth more than the 2014 GDPs of 23 countries.
  3. What did Donald Trump say? Love him or hate him, it appears that knowing the latest pithy, entertaining, offensive or wild statement from Donald Trump has apparently become as essential for water-cooler banter as having an iron-clad opinion about Deflategate or that guy who tried to break the world record for selfies. He’s opined on plenty of things, but the top Google entry for this query still directs inquisitive minds to his announcement speech remarks about Mexican immigrants.

Ben Carson

  1. How old is Ben Carson? He is 63. Fun fact: He is the only presidential candidate to have been portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. in a television film.
  2. Who is Ben Carson? Born and raised in inner-city Detroit, Carson went on to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon whose accomplishments include conducting the first successful separation of twins joined at the back of the head. (You can see him play Operation here if you need proof of his surgical skills.) He catapulted to national fame after criticizing U.S. health care policy while standing just a few feet away from President Barack Obama during the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.
  3. What religion is Ben Carson? Carson is Seventh-day Adventist, estimated to be the fifth-largest Christian communion around the world. His faith has been a major part of his identity; he said when he was a neurosurgeon that he prayed every time he went into the operating room. After Carson said that he sees a difference in commitment to Christian faith between himself and Donald Trump, Trump accused him of being a Johnny-Come-Lately to religion.

Jeb Bush

  1. How old is Jeb Bush? He’s 62 years old and shares a birthday with Sarah Palin, Burt Reynolds and Jacob from Twilight, which would definitely make for an interesting joint birthday party.
  2. What is Jeb Bush’s real name? John Ellis Bush. His nickname is derived from his initials. See what he did there?
  3. How tall is Jeb Bush? Actually pretty tall!About 6’3” – and he’s also shed some significant poundage lately from being on the popular Paleo diet, which is pretty impressive if you’ve seen the kind of food they sell at the Iowa State Fair.

Ted Cruz

  1. Where was Ted Cruz born? Yes, this is STILL the number one question asked about Ted Cruz, which actually could be a little bit of a problem for him. He was born in Calgary, Canada, which has led some critics to claim that he’s not actually eligible to run for president. But since he was born to a U.S. citizen mother, legal scholars agree that he meets the criteria for the job. You can learn more about why here.
  2. How old is Ted Cruz? He is 44 years old – but he’s not *quite* the youngest person candidate seeking the presidency. Stay tuned for that.
  3. Who is Ted Cruz? Currently a Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz formerly served as the Solicitor General of the state. He has argued nine times before the Supreme Court. He also apparently hates avocados.

Marco Rubio

  1. How old is Marco Rubio? At 44, he’s the second-youngest candidate in the GOP field and the youngest who will appear on the primetime debate stage Wednesday night. (Sorry, Bobby Jindal).
  2. Where did Marco Rubio go to college? We think we can explain why this is a top question. These queries are the ones most recently asked about each candidate since September 14. Rubio is currently taking heat from graduates of FSU after joking last week “I think there has to be a school where people that can't get into Florida can go to college, and so that's why we have Florida State.” SICK BURN, MARCO RUBIO! (And yes, he went to the University of Florida for undergrad – and then the University of Miami for law school.)
  3. Who is Marco Rubio? A noted alumnus of the University of Florida. Also the former Speaker of the House of Florida and the state’s current freshman senator.

Mike Huckabee

  1. Who is Mike Huckabee? No, he’s not the subject of “I Heart Huckabees,” the 2004 film starring Jason Schwartzman and Jude Law, although we’d definitely watch that cast in a biopic about the former governor of Arkansas. Mike Huckabee ran for president in 2008 and actually won the Iowa caucuses before ultimately losing the nomination to John McCain. He also had a FOX News show.
  2. How old is Mike Huckabee? He’s 60.
  3. Is Mike Huckabee running for president? Yes, although perhaps he’d be polling higher on this list if fewer people had to Google the answer to this question.

Rand Paul

  1. How tall is Rand Paul? Since you asked, Rand Paul is 5-foot-8-inches tall, which is only in about the 30th percentile for men of his age group, so he could be fairly described as short of stature.There is some social science research that shows that taller candidates tend to have an advantage in U.S. elections, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that Paul’s current political woes are actually related a lot more to substance than shortness.
  2. How old is Rand Paul? He’s 52 – and exactly one year older than Nicolas Cage. “Con Air” DVDs for everyone!
  3. Is Rand Paul running for president? Yes. (See Item #3 above.)

Carly Fiorina

  1. How old is Carly Fiorina? She’s 61, which, by the way, she is not afraid to say on the campaign trail – or in viral videos distributed by her super PAC.
  2. What did Donald Trump say about Carly Fiorina? In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said of her appearance. “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! … I mean, she's a woman, and I'm not s'posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?” He later made the case that he was merely talking about her “persona.”
  3. Who is Carly Fiorina? She was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005. She also unsuccessfully ran for Senate in California in 2010.

Scott Walker

  1. Who is Scott Walker? The governor of Wisconsin, Walker was best known heading into the 2016 race for his fights with labor unions in the state and his successful victory in a bitter recall election.
  2. How old is Scott Walker? He’s 47.
  3. What happened to Scott Walker? SICK BURN, GOOGLE USERS!! Seriously, ouch. Well, Walker was considered a top-tier candidate and was a polling leader in the key early state of Iowa, but a series of flip-flops and unforced errors have preceded a plummet to single digits. He’s hoping for a resurgence by refocusing on his opposition to organized labor.

John Kasich

  1. How old is John Kasich? He’s 63 years old.
  2. Where will John Kasich be this week? Interesting. Perhaps lots of supporters want a chance to see the Ohio governor in the flesh? Or maybe he owes a lot of people money? (We kid.) Here’s your answer: After Wednesday’s debate, he’ll speak Thursday at the New Majority Orange County Luncheon in Irvine, California. On Saturday, he heads to Mackinac Island, MI.
  3. Who is John Kasich? He’s the current governor of Ohio, and he served in Congress – most notably as the chair of the Budget Committee.

Chris Christie

  1. How old is Chris Christie? He’s 53 years old. He was born on September 6, which is also Carly Fiorina’s birthday!
  2. How much does Chris Christie weigh? Man, the Internet is mean! Christie underwent lap-band surgery in February 2013. In April of this year, he called the move “the best thing that I’ve ever done for my health.”
  3. Who is Chris Christie? He’s an enigmatic and powerful wizard from the mountains of the Planet Zoulan. That's not true. He’s --- actually, you know what? Just Google it.