Hillary and Bill Do Iowa BBQ With a Side of Global Politics

Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Problem 4:20

AMES, Iowa — Hillary Clinton clarified her remarks on combating terrorism Sunday, saying America has to lead "the worldwide fight" against ISIS but "cannot and should not do it alone" at a campaign stop in Iowa with former President Bill Clinton by her side.

Saturday night, at the second Democratic debate, Clinton said “it cannot be an American fight” and that she didn’t think the United States had "the bulk of the responsibility."

On Sunday, she stressed that the fight against "radical jihadism" is a top priority.

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"Attacking Paris, the city of light, reminds us that there is no middle ground in going after these terrorists," she said. "I know how difficult this will be, but I also know that we must be resolute and use both our strengths and our smarts in combating this unusually effective threat."

In a rare joint appearance, President Bill Clinton came out on stage with his wife and also gave brief remarks at the Iowa Central Democrats Fall Barbecue.

"I’ve watched all these debates and I think I’m going to vote for Hillary," he joked before taking a seat on the stage to watch her speech.

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President Clinton said he watched the second Democratic debate from a hotel, as he did with the first one in Las Vegas last month.

Later on the rope line, he called the attacks against Hillary for her ties to Wall Street "a stretch."

The former secretary of state did not make any mention of her controversial answer linking Wall Street with 9/11, but she did call the September 11 attacks a "searing, horrible experience in our country."

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Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri defended the debate comments, saying Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Gov. Martin O’Malley "were attacking her integrity for being too close to Wall Street."

Image: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton greet supporters at the Central Iowa Democrats Fall Barbecue
Former president Bill Clinton (r) and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Central Iowa Democrats Fall Barbecue. Charlie Neibergall / AP