Hillary Clinton Announces Huge Fundraising Haul

Hillary Clinton announced Wednesday that her campaign has raised a hefty $45 million in the first quarter of her candidacy.

“I’m grateful for all you’ve done and excited for what comes next,” Clinton wrote in a note to supporters that she published on Twitter. “When the road ahead is tough, you need the best people. That’s why I’m thankful for you.”

The number, raised since her campaign launched in April, rivals President Barack Obama’s fundraising haul in the first quarter of his re-election campaign in 2011. Obama also raised $45 million in the opening months of his campaign, though some was for the general election. All of Clinton's funds were raised for the primary.

Officials with the campaign said the donations to Hillary for America came from a mix of grassroots and small fundraising events that have focused on both small and large donors, with more than 90 percent of supporters giving $100 or less.

Clinton aides hope that model will ensure they can continue raising funds throughout the campaign.

The massive haul is expected to trump the fundraising numbers of Democratic rivals Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley, as well as much of the GOP field. The New York Times reported last month that Sanders has raised more than $8 million online and could report around $9 million raised in the first quarter.

-- NBC's Mark Murray contributed to this report