Hillary Clinton to Deliver Economic Policy Speech Aimed at Donald Trump

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Hillary Clinton on Tuesday will make the case that Donald Trump is "unfit" to manage the U.S. economy in a speech modeled closely after her foreign policy takedown of the presumptive Republican nominee earlier this month in San Diego, according to aides.

"Everything that applies to Trump about national security is equally true when it comes to the economy," Clinton campaign senior adviser Jake Sullivan said.

Hillary Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center, Monday, June 13, 2016, in Cleveland. Tony Dejak / AP

In California, Clinton labeled Trump’s foreign policy proposals "dangerously incoherent" and said he was "temperamentally unfit to be commander-in chief."

On Tuesday, aides said, the former secretary of state will detail why she believes Trump’s economic ideas are also disqualifying. The thesis of her speech, according to Sullivan, will be: "If we were to put Donald Trump behind the wheel of the American economy, he would very likely drive us off a cliff and working families would bear the brunt of the impact in terms of lost jobs, lost savings, and lost livelihoods."

Clinton also will go after the Trump on his private sector record and will charge him with "doing harm to working families and small businesses."

Sullivan, pointing to a report released earlier this week by John McCain’s former economic policy adviser, said there’s already "proof" that Trump’s "rash and reckless temperament" will be risky for America.

Clinton pulls ahead of Trump in new poll 5:03

"If Trump got his way," Sullivan said, citing the report by Mark Zandi, "he would lead our economy into a 'lengthy recession' that would cost millions of jobs, reduce growth, stagnate middle class incomes, and explode the debt."

Though she’s largely focused on his foreign policy proposals in recent weeks, Clinton has also slammed Trump's business record.

"He could bankrupt America like he's bankrupted his companies," Clinton warned at the Service Employees International Union's annual convention in Detroit last month. "Ask yourself: how could anybody lose money running a casino? Really."

The Columbus speech was originally scheduled for last week, but was postponed after the Orlando shooting massacre that left 49 people dead at a gay nightclub. Instead, Clinton responded to the massacre with a somber speech in Cleveland in which she intentionally did not mention Trump by name once.

The next day, in Pittsburgh, she blasted his response to the Orlando shooting, calling it "shameful" and "disrespectful to the people who were killed and wounded."

On Wednesday in Raleigh, North Carolina, aides said, Clinton will continue on the economic theme and deliver a speech outlining her vision for the country’s financial future.