Hillary Clinton Is Projected Winner of Washington D.C. Democratic Primary

Image: Presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Western Pennsylvania
Presumptive Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters at the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers Hall on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Jeff Swensen / Getty Images
By Carrie Dann

Hillary Clinton has won the final primary of the Democratic nomination race in the District of Columbia, NBC News projected Tuesday.

The D.C. primary came more than a week after Clinton was declared the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party after securing a majority of Democratic delegates — including superdelegates.

With strong performances in last Tuesday’s primary contests — including in California and New Jersey – Clinton also accumulated a majority among only the pledged delegates who are bound to vote for her at the party’s convention in Philadelphia in July.

But rival Bernie Sanders pledged to stay in the race until the last votes were counted and has hinted that he could remain a candidate even longer in order to hold sway over the party’s platform and the rules for future elections.

Sanders objects to the inclusion of superdelegates in the Democratic count and says that all states should make voting in the presidential primaries more accessible to all voters, not just longtime registered Democrats