Hillary Clinton Releases Campaign Fundraising Report

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Women showed Hillary Clinton the money in the first three months of her presidential campaign — representing more than 60 percent of the donors who supported the former secretary of state.

The campaign had already announced that it raised $45 million for the Democratic primary as of June 30, but a new campaign finance report made public Wednesday evening sheds new light on the campaign’s haul.

More than 250,000 people contributed to Clinton, according to the campaign, and 61 percent were women. That’s especially notable since men typically make up the vast majority of campaign donors — just over 70 percent, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The campaign also raised almost $825,000 in money that can only be used for the general election. That brought the total haul to more than $46 million.

But the campaign also spent heavily, burning through $18.7 million in the second quarter of the year, leaving the campaign with $28.85 million in the bank. A campaign aide defended the spending, telling msnbc that it included large upfront investments that won’t need to be repeated in coming months on items that most campaigns wait to invest in until later in the cycle.

While Clinton held dozens of high-dollar fundraisers across the country, her small-dollar fundraising operation also proved successful. According to the campaign, 94 percent of donations were for $250 or less, and the average donation was $144.89.

Clinton herself contributed in-kind more than $275,000 to her campaign, mostly from staffers she paid before the campaign officially kicked off, the aide said.

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