Hillary Clinton’s Path From First Lady Through Secretary of State

Before her tenures as a New York senator and secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton served as first lady — and refused to play merely a supporting role. Here’s how her stint as an unconventional first lady led to a political career that could lead her back to the White House.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton as First Lady 7:27

In 2001, Hillary Clinton began the next chapter of her political career after being elected Senator of New York. Here’s a look at how some of her legislative collaborations and voting decisions shaped her storied career in the Senate and ultimately led to two presidential runs.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton as Senator 2:23

A look back at Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state – from toppling Gaddafi in Libya to advocating for women and girls across the globe. See how Clinton's stint in the State Department may influence her role as commander-in-chief if she is elected president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State 1:50