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Hillary Clinton Takes Swing at Donald Trump With Release of Financials

Hillary Clinton's team took a swing at Donald Trump in releasing her 11-page financial disclosure report.
Image: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters during a rally at La Escuelita School in Oakland, California, on May 6, 2016.GABRIELLE LURIE / AFP - Getty Images

Hillary Clinton earned more than $5 million in book royalties and nearly $1.5 million for paid speeches last year, according to a financial disclosure form released by her campaign.

The release came hours after Donald Trump boasted of filing the same form with the Federal Election Commission — which was not immediately made public but which the Republican candidate said showed "tremendous cash flow."

Clinton's team took a swing at Trump in releasing her 11-page form, saying that despite the Republican's "boasting" the filing was "no breakthrough for transparency" but rather a "legal requirement" for presidential candidates.

"The true test for Donald Trump is whether he will adhere to the precedent followed by every presidential candidate in the modern era and make his tax returns available, as Hillary Clinton has done," the campaign said in a statement.

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Trump has been under fire for declining to release his tax returns, which would offer more specific documentation of his income and tax payments than the form he boasted of filing Tuesday.

Nearly every major party nominee over the past four decades has released tax returns. Trump last week said there was “nothing to learn” from his taxes, telling the Associated Press he probably would not release them before the election.

The Clinton campaign has made a point of highlighting the tax-return issue. On Tuesday it sent a petition to supporters that read "what is he so afraid of us finding?” and released a video last week posing the same question.

The financial disclosure form released by the Clinton campaign Tuesday showed that the candidate made over $5 million in royalties for her memoir "Hard Choices" in 2015.

She also took home nearly $1.5 million for six paid speeches — compared with her husband's $5.25 million for 22 speeches.

Clinton's March 2015 speech to eBay was her highest paid — earning the candidate $315,000 versus the $150,000 she banked for a January 2015 speech to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Her last speech of 2015 was on March 19, less than a month before she announced her candidacy. She earned $260,000 for an Atlantic City speech to the American Camping Association.

Bill Clinton continued to give speeches after his wife announced her bid.