Indiana Exit Poll: More White Women, Younger Voters and Liberals Deliver Victory to Sanders

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Bernie Sanders won in Indiana Tuesday with stronger support among groups that have helped Hillary Clinton win in other Democratic primaries, the NBC News Exit Poll indicates.

  • White women represented 42 percent of Indiana Democrats, up from an average of 34 percent in prior primaries. Fifty-seven percent of white women voted for Bernie Sanders, a 13-point gain from previous primaries.
  • Changes in the age of Tuesday's electorate also influenced the outcome. There were fewer senior voters in the Indiana electorate; they represented 16 percent of voters. Sanders picked up 33 percent of the senior vote versus an average of 26 percent in other states.
  • More voters in Indiana identified themselves as liberals, and the majority voted for Sanders on Tuesday. Clinton has been winning an average of 54 percent of liberals in prior primaries. Among liberals in Indiana, 56 percent voted for Sanders.

Sanders also had significant support from:

  • 72 percent of Independents (22 percent of the electorate)
  • 65 percent of white, non-college Democrats (who represented a third of the electorate)

Among the three in 10 voters who considered honesty the most important quality when deciding which candidate to support, 80 percent backed Sanders. He also captured six in 10 votes from Democrats who are anti-Wall Street (64 percent of the electorate) and two-thirds from those who think income inequality is the top problem facing the country (24 percent of the electorate).