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Instagrams Show Life on the Road With Trump

Evan Vucci, a photographer for the Associated Press, has been chasing Donald Trump around the country since the summer. His Instagram tells the story.
Image: Photographer Evan Vucci has been following Donald Trump's campaign for the Associated Press
Photographer Evan Vucci has been following Donald Trump's campaign for the Associated Press and posts scenes from the trail to his Instagram account.Evan Vucci / AP

Evan Vucci, a photographer for The Associated Press, began covering the Donald Trump campaign this summer when the candidate selected Mike Pence as his running mate. His Instagram feed has become a snapshot of life on the road with the unusual Republican candidate.

Trump speaks with reporters after the first presidential debate at Hofstra University on Sept. 26.Evan Vucci / AP

Presidential hopefuls endure a grueling schedule while on the trail, and journalists embedded with the campaigns experience a similar plight chasing their candidate's every move across the country.

“The campaign trail is such a crazy lifestyle,” Vucci told NBC News. “You can be in five different cities in a single day.”

When Vucci has time, he shares moments from the trail to Instagram.

Left: A view from the hotel window in Las Vegas. Right: A supporter waits for Trump to arrive in Greensboro, N.C. on Oct. 14.Evan Vucci / AP

Portraits of Trump’s most passionate supporters, some of whom share Trump's proclaimed distrust of the media, stand out among scenes of the candidate holding rallies.

“I’ve been incredibly lucky to be on this story, but when it’s over I’ll be ready to move on,” Vucci said.

Follow @evanvucci on Instagram for a look inside the Trump campaign's last days leading up to the election.

A supporter listens to Trump during a rally in Eau Claire, Wis.Evan Vucci / AP
Trump speaks at a rally at the University of Northern Colorado on Oct. 30 in Greeley.Evan Vucci / AP
Jennifer Pitta, of Scranton, Pa., shows off a Trump tattoo during a rally at Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pa. on Oct. 14.Evan Vucci / AP
A supporter cheers during a rally in Albuquerque, N.M. on Oct. 30.Evan Vucci / AP