Iowa Entrance Poll Results: Why Clinton and Sanders Are So Close

The NBC News Entrance Poll shows age, issues and ideological differences strongly influenced which groups of Democrats supported Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in today's Iowa caucuses.

Clinton was the solid choice among 88% of Democrats who valued experience over other candidate qualities, and among 68% of those who want the next president to continue Obama's policies. Those who say health care is the most important issue facing the country also largely went for Clinton, as did those over the age of 65..

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Clinton also did especially well with 59% of Democrats who picked health care as the top issue facing the country. Other voter groups who strongly supported Clinton today are married women and moderates.

Looking at Sanders' supporters, we see different segments of Democratic voters in Iowa. Young voters went for Sanders overwhelmingly, and he was supported by 83% of voters who value honesty and trustworthiness most in a candidate. Sanders won 61% of the support among those who think income inequality is the top issue facing the country, and 58% of those who identified as very liberal.

Sanders also received considerable support from first-time caucus-goers and those who say they want the next president to have more liberal policies than the Obama administration.