Jeb Bush Picks Up Endorsement from Former Sen. Alan Simpson

'Blah, Blah, Blah,' Jeb Bush Responds to Campaign Cuts 1:31

Jeb Bush picked up the endorsement of former Republican senator Alan Simpson on Tuesday shortly after rolling out an entitlement reform plan, NBC News has learned exclusively.

"As governor of Florida, Jeb reformed Medicaid to stabilize spending, empower patients and improve quality of care," Simpson said in a statement. "Jeb has enacted bold reforms, and he’ll do it once again as President of the United States. Jeb keeps his promises."

Bush proposes using many of the ideas presented by the Simpson-Bowles Commission as part of a bipartisan effort to reform Social Security and Medicaid, according to his proposal.

The bi-partisan commission was created in 2010 by President Obama to identify fiscal strategies and was co-chaired by Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles.

"In order to assure needed benefits for current seniors and prosperity for the next generation any candidate will require absolute honesty and experienced leadership," Simpson said in endorsing Bush.

The endorsement comes at a key time for Bush amid sagging poll numbers and ahead of Wednesday's third Republican debate.