Jeb Bush, in Response to Internet Meme, Says He Would Kill Baby Hitler

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has weighed in on a popular Internet meme spawned by The New York Times Magazine — if you had the opportunity to kill Adolf Hitler when he was an infant, would you do it?

The former Florida governor came down strongly in the “kill” camp, telling The Huffington Post’s Scott Conroy: “Hell yeah, I would!”

“You gotta step up, man,” he added. Bush later tweeted the article featuring his answer on Monday:

Bush has been promising to be more assertive and fiery on the campaign trail, but few likely predicted that meant weighing in on altering the future through infanticide. “It could have a dangerous effect on everything else, but I’d do it — I mean, Hitler,” Bush told Conroy, reportedly with a shrug.

In September, while discussing his anti-abortion views during an appearance on Fox News, Bush said: “I think we need to have a society that protects life from the beginning to end, and we should be a repentant society for sure.”

“And mercy should be at the heart of everything we do,” he added.

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