Jeb Bush, Super PAC Have Spent Nearly $33 Million in Ads

Jeb Bush’s campaign and allies have spent nearly a whopping $33 million in TV and radio advertisements so far this election cycle – almost more than the rest of the current Republican field combined, according to ad-buying data from SMG Delta.

The biggest overall advertiser in the 2016 race is Right to Rise, the Super PAC backing Jeb Bush, which has spent $31.7 million in the contest, while the Bush campaign has chipped in an additional $800,000.

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By comparison, all other current Republican campaigns and the outside groups supporting them have spent a combined $36 million-plus in TV and radio ads.

The numbers:

  • Team Marco Rubio: $13.1 million
  • Team John Kasich: $8.4 million
  • Team Chris Christie: $7.0 million
  • Team Lindsey Graham: $2.7 million
  • Team Ben Carson: $2.4 million
  • Team Carly Fiorina: $1 million
  • Team Rand Paul: $900,000
  • Team Ted Cruz: $850,000
  • Team Donald Trump: $216,000

Hillary Clinton and her allies are the biggest advertisers in the Democratic race, having spent nearly $11 million in TV ads -- $10.6 million from the campaign and additional $200,000 from a pro-Clinton Super PAC.

And Bernie Sanders has spent $6.2 million in ads, all from his campaign.

Total ad spending to date

  • Team Bush: $32.5 million ($31.7 million from Right to Rise Super PAC, $800K from campaign)
  • Team Rubio: $13.1 million ($8.6 million from Conservative Solutions Project, $3 million from campaign, $1.4 million from Conservative Solutions Project)
  • Team Clinton: $10.8 million ($10.6 million from campaign, $200K from Priorities USA)
  • Team Kasich: $8.4 million (all from two outside groups)
  • Team Christie: $7 million ($6.6 million from Super PAC, $400K from campaign)
  • Team Sanders: $6.2 million (all from campaign)
  • Team Graham: $2.7 million ($2.6 million from Security Is Strength Super PAC, $172K from campaign)
  • Team Carson: $2.4 million ($2.3 million from campaign, $111K from Super PAC)
  • Team Fiorina: $1 million (all from CARLY for America Super PAC)
  • Team Paul: $900,000 ($780K from America’s Liberty PAC, $125K from campaign)
  • Team Cruz: $850,000 ($640K from campaign, rest from Super PACs)
  • Team Trump: $216,000 (all from campaign)