Jeb Bush’s Big Ad Spending Isn’t Helping His Poll Numbers

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Jeb Bush's campaign and his Right to Rise Super PAC have spent more than $10 million in TV ads since September -- more than any other candidate or 2016 entity.

And they have little to show for it so far.

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Two new polls (Des Moines Register/Bloomberg, Quinnipiac) show him at just 5 percent in Iowa. And another poll (Bloomberg) had him at 10 percent in New Hampshire.

Yet Bush and his Super PAC are outspending everyone else over the airwaves, according to ad-spending numbers from NBC News ad-tracking partner SMG Delta.

Top overall spenders

Team Bush: $10.7 million ($10.3 million from Right to Rise Super PAC, $400K from campaign)

Team Kasich: $5.8 million (from two different outside groups)

Team Clinton: $5.6 million (all from campaign)

Team Rubio: $5.5 million (all from the dark-money 501c4 Conservative Solutions Project)

Team Christie: $4.2 million ($3.8 million from Super PAC, $400K from campaign)

Team Jindal: $3.1 million (all from Super PACs)

Top spenders in Iowa

Team Jindal: $3.1 million

Team Bush: $2.8 million

Team Clinton: $2.1 million

Team Rubio: $933,000

Top spenders in New Hampshire

Team Bush: $6 million

Team Kasich: $5.8 million

Team Christie: $4.2 million

Team Clinton: $3.5 million

Team Rubio: $1.2 million

Top spenders in South Carolina

Team Bush: $1.9 million

Team Rubio: $715,000

SOURCE: SMG Delta as of Oct. 20, 2015