John Kasich Comes Out Swinging in CNBC Debate

Trump, Kasich Clash at Debate 1:27

Standing on the edge of the CNBC Republican debate stage, Ohio Gov. John Kasich went on the attack on Wednesday by continuing to take broad swings at his GOP rivals.

Beginning with Kasich, each of the candidates was asked about his or her biggest weakness.

“Good question, but I want to tell you, my big concern is is that we are on the verge, perhaps, of picking someone who cannot do this job,” Kasich said.

He then gave an abbreviated version of the speech he delivered at a rally on Tuesday where he said he’s “about had it with these people,” knocking his opponents tax and immigration plans.

“Folks we gotta wake up. We cannot elect somebody who can’t do the job. You gotta pick someone who has experience, somebody who has the know how, the discipline,” Kasich said.

The comments led to a heated back-and-forth with Donald Trump, who said Kasich had gone negative because his poll numbers have slumped.

“His poll numbers tanked, that’s why he’s on the end,” Trump said.