The Lid: Clinton's Democratic Primary Limbo

Image: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Clinton pauses as she addresses a reception for the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies in Washington
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pauses as she addresses a reception for the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies in Washington, United States, May 4, 2016.JIM BOURG / Reuters

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By Carrie Dann and Andrew Rafferty

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Trump ally Roger Stone reportedly compared Donald Trump’s alleged use of a fake PR man to the pseudonym used by the authors of the Federalist Papers in the 1780s. Which totally makes sense once you read the venerated words of “Federalist No. 86: Publius Has Three Other Girlfriends, You Know, and Is Doing Very Well Financially”

THE LID: MAY 16, 2016:

We’re nearly entering Week Three of pseudo-general-election mode after Donald Trump all but clinched the GOP nomination back on May 3. But for all the continuing headlines today about third-party flirtations from conservatives and reticent Republicans not quite sure about boarding the Trump Train, it’s worth revisiting the split on the Democratic side of the aisle that’s keeping Hillary Clinton in a limbo perhaps even more delicate than Trump’s.

On the one hand, Clinton’s advocates are ready to engage in a full mano-a-mano with Trump, with pro-Clinton superPAC Priorities USA deploying a $6 million anti-Trump ad buy before June 7. But on the other hand, some Bernie Sanders fans are not letting up their extremely heated rhetoric, most recently made clear by the contentious Nevada Democratic convention over the weekend. Yes, it’s hard to imagine the most vehement Sanders supporters ultimately backing Trump, but it’s equally difficult to picture an entirely harmonious convention when pro-Sanders activists are as incensed as they reportedly were over an ultimately minor delegate allocation in the Silver State. And it means that, with more nominating contests tomorrow, the narrative stakes for Clinton remain high even as the math remains unchanged.


And they’re off! The pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA is about to pull the trigger on general election ads, notes Alex Seiz-Wald.

John Kasich shot down the idea of a third party bid.

One of Donald Trump’s ex-girlfriends is disputing how the New York Times portrayed her experiences with the real estate mogul, saying Trump “never offended me in any way.”

The Supreme Court is sending that big Obamacare case over contraception back to the lower courts.

What’s behind Trump calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’?

And in First Read: Over the weekend, Obama made his most forceful case yet against Donald Trump.


“There are some questions that even the White House press secretary doesn’t have answers to.”

- White House press secretary Josh Earnest, asked at Monday’s White House briefing if there is life beyond Earth.


Voters are voting! Democrats head to the polls in Kentucky and Oregon (and Republicans vote in Oregon as well.)

Bill Clinton campaigns in Puerto Rico.

Bernie Sanders holds a campaign rally in Carson, California.