The Lid: Is Court Vacancy Trump’s Best at Winning Over GOP?

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…Millions of Americans on Thursday found out “Brexit” is actually a major referendum over whether the UK should leave the European Union, not a slang term for when you drink too much too many pints of Newcastle and then leave a bar without telling anyone.

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‘16 from 30,000

It’s going to be a cold day in June when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree on something. But guess what? They sort of did! Both presumptive presidential nominees reacted to the Supreme Court’s split decision on President Obama’s immigration actions by saying the tie underscores how high the stakes are come November. It’s not a new revelation -- presidential candidates on both sides made this same argument in the days and weeks following Antonin Scalia’s death. But Thursday marked the most dramatic instance of real-world implications of an 8-justice Supreme Court. So, could the high stakes for filling the court vacancy provide more cover for Republicans who are struggling to come to terms with supporting their nominee? The decision is still pretty fresh, and the tie means the lower court decision blocking Obama’s actions stands, which was seen as a victory for conservatives. But the stalemate also means Obama’s executive actions could return to the Supreme Court -- and whoever that ninth justice ends up being will hold the deciding vote. That could be a persuasive appeal for Trump to make to conservatives troubled by the real estate mogul’s candidacy thus far. And as our own Leigh Ann Caldwell reports, some conservatives are using it as the sole reason to back Trump.



“I think I read that, and I heard it, and somebody also gave me that information.”

-- Donald Trump, during an interview on Nightly News, on where he heard that Clinton’s private email server was hacked.


Donald Trump will hold a press conference at his golf course in Scotland.