The Lid: Democrats Say They’re Feeling Awfully Good Right Now

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Sparsely known Republican Evan McMullin launched an independent bid for the White House on Monday. Right now it seems McMullin’s best shot at drawing attention to his fledgling campaign will be “cupping” before his first event.

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‘16 from 30,000

The last week or so has seen a plethora of new polls showing Hillary Clinton with a significant advantage over Donald Trump - both in key battleground states and nationwide. But there’s one non-horserace detail in our latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that we thought was particularly worth highlighting. In short, Democrats nowadays are feeling, well, pretty darn awesome.

Here’s why we say that: In our latest poll, we noticed that the share of Americans who said they believe the country is moving in the direction jumped from just 18 percent in mid-July to 32 percent after the political conventions this summer. That’s a BIG jump on a measure that’s typically pretty stable in the absence of big external developments. (The last time we saw such a big swing -- albeit a negative one instead of a positive one -- was in 2013 during the government shutdown.) When we poked around inside the numbers, we found that the boost in optimism came almost entirely from Dems. While Republican and independent responses to the right direction/wrong track question have remained fairly stable in the last month, the share of Democrats offering an optimistic answer has nearly doubled since July, jumping from 33 percent last month to 58 percent now.



“So I’ll ask this as bluntly as I can — can you or anyone else get Mr. Trump to stop saying crazy and offensive things for the next three months?”

  • Radio host Charlie Sykes question to Trump running mate Mike Pence.


Hillary Clinton tours a health care facility in Miami, Florida. Tim Kaine is in Austin.

Donald Trump holds rallies in Wilmington and Fayetteville, North Carolina. Mike Pence is in Lancaster and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.