The Lid: Donald Trump is Running Out of GOP Friends

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Donald Trump asked that a crying baby be removed from his rally today. To our surprise, Trump was actually referring to a real infant and not just belittling a reporter or protester.

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Trump Declines to Endorse Speaker Ryan, Senator McCain 3:06

‘16 from 30,000

For a guy who can’t seem to remember if he’s ever met Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump on Tuesday showed he may have a pretty solid memory after all. The GOP presidential nominee mimicked House Speaker Paul Ryan’s words when he told the Washington Post he is “not quite there yet” in backing the Wisconsin Republican ahead of next week’s primary. The language was remarkably similar to what Ryan said when he initially hesitated to endorse Trump back in May, telling CNN “I'm not there right now.” And along with being a stunning troll of the party’s highest-ranking elected official, it’s also another major indicator that the GOP unity party elders have heralded is far, far away from a reality.

Trump also says he is not supporting John McCain and called Kelly Ayotte disloyal. It comes amidst the candidate’s ongoing controversy with Gold Star families, questions about his own military deferments, and an ill-timed quip about having always wanted a Purple Heart. Bottom line: Trump has been gaining plenty of detractors this week, and spitting fire at respected members of his own party seems like the last thing he would want to do.



“You can get the baby out of here.”

-- Donald Trump asking a woman with a crying baby to leave his event on Tuesday.


Both Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence campaign in Colorado.

Tim Kaine is in North Carolina.

Donald Trump is in Florida.