The Lid: The Downside of Ryan’s Trump Endorsement

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‘16 from 30,000

“Full throated” is NOT a term we would have used to describe Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Donald Trump yesterday. And Ryan disavowing Trump’s attacks on the judge in the Trump University case on Friday could be the first of many “Ryan disavows something Trump says” storylines we’re going to be watching over the next five months. As much of a victory gaining Ryan’s support was for the presumptive GOP nominee, it makes it even bigger news when the two disagree on something. News stories like today’s demonstrate that just because the establishment has mostly got in line behind Trump, it doesn’t mean they’re any less uneasy. Take, for example, what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told our colleague Andrea Mitchell today. McConnell said he recently told Trump at an NRA convention: “I think you are very good at entertaining large audiences and you have a lot of Twitter followers, and that has certainly gotten you as far as you are -- to where you are today. But I am in favor of more scripts and more boring.”


House Speaker Paul Ryan disavowed Donald Trump's accusations of bias against the judge in the Trump University case.

After sharply criticizing New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Donald Trump now says he wants the governor's endorsement.

The first lady seemed to take a shot at Trump during a commencement speech Friday.

And from First Read: Trump's takeover of the GOP is now complete.


“Hillary Clinton is a stiff.”

  • Donald Trump on CNN. The comment came in response to Hillary Clinton calling his attacks on the judge in the Trump University case racist.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are spending their weekends campaigning in California.

And on Sunday: Gary Johnson, Martin O’Malley and Mitch McConnell will Meet The Press.