The Lid: GOP Preparing for Possible Trump Nomination

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BREAKING: Officials in San Bernardino, California, say that there are at least 14 people dead and another 14 injured in a shooting at a social services facility where county employees were gathered Wednesday morning. No motive is known, and police are searching for up to three suspects. The 2016 candidates quickly reacted, with Democrats renewing their calls for gun reform and Republicans sending “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. Our roundup of the 2016 hopefuls’ reactions is here.


The big Donald Trump narrative last night going into this morning came courtesy of a New York Times story outlining Republican hand-wringing about how to stop a potentially disastrous Trump nomination. But the other side of that coin is the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality laid out in the National Republican Senatorial Committee memo scooped by the Washington Post this afternoon. In the document, the organization imagines Trump getting the nod and advises candidates how they can adapt to running on the same ballot. The advice includes harnessing Trump’s untraditional appeal (“show your independence,” and “change the look”) while avoiding his flaws (Trump “has said some wacky things about women” and is a “misguided missile.”) As our big sibling publication First Read pointed out this morning, it’s all fine and good for GOP groups to ponder taking Trump down, but it remains hugely unclear how they’d begin to do so. The ways that DC Republicans are now contemplating not only the management - but the leverage - of Trump’s popularity tell us a lot about a party that often seems too fractured to function.


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The Washington Post gets its hands on a National Republican Senatorial Committee memo that advises Senate candidates on what to do if Trump wins the Republican nomination, including changing their “look,” avoiding the taint of “special interests,” and avoiding Trump’s rhetoric about women.


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