The Lid: Hillary Clinton’s Lucrative August

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Bruce Springsteen is appearing in concert in D.C. tonight. So if you’re a member of Congress hoping to bury news coverage of your extramarital affair, drug arrest or secret attempt to launch a coup of an obscure foreign country, you should definitely plan on dropping that press release somewhere between Thunder Road and Glory Days.

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Clinton Rakes in Record $143 Million in Fundraising for August 1:37

‘16 from 30,000

Hillary Clinton spent much of August hobnobbing with celebrities and other wealthy folks at political fundraisers. And the gatherings weren’t just about the guests enjoying what we’re sure were tiny and trendy hors-d'oeuvres, folks. Clinton’s campaign got to trumpet the fruits of its labors today, announcing a total fundraising haul of a whopping $143 million for her campaign and for the party. That’s a giant number -- her best month yet and a boost of more than $50 million over July’s cash cow. She’ll now enter September with $68 million in the bank for her campaign. And/but it’s worth noting: While Clinton’s total fundraising is way up, her numbers for her campaign itself are flat -- about $62 million in August compared to $63 million in July. The big jump is how much cash Clinton raised for the party, pulling in $81 million for Dems in August outside of what she raised for her own coffers, compared to just $26 million the previous month.



“I'm happy now I got blamed for being the, you know, the SOB at the family picnic insisting that we bailout, quote-on-quote, bailout the automobile industry.”

  • Joe Biden, today in Ohio


President Obama heads to China for the G20 Summit.