The Lid: Hillary Clinton’s Trust Issues

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‘16 from 30,000

After more than two years, the House Select Committee on Benghazi has finally released its full report on the 2012 attacks. And, as with almost everything about the aftermath of the tragic events that left four Americans dead, debate about the report swiftly devolved into partisan squabbling about what it did and did not prove. Democrats labeled the findings politically motivated and old news; Republican chair Trey Gowdy called the failures that led to the attacks “inexcusable” but insisted that the report did not specifically target Hillary Clinton; and other Republicans said the investigation yielded incontrovertible evidence of Clinton’s personal responsibility for the attacks. Here’s the thing about the Benghazi issue: On the one hand, it’s been a story for so long that detailed and relatively incremental new facts are almost guaranteed not to move the needle for most voters. But on the other, at 30,000 feet, Benghazi in the headlines keeps Clinton on the defensive when it comes to her trustworthiness. And our new poll out this week showed that honesty remains Clinton’s weakest attribute by far. Only a quarter of voters picked Clinton as more honest than Trump, while 41 percent called the real estate mogul more trustworthy. And 69 percent said questions about her honesty are serious enough to concern them. Oof.



“LePage has previously quipped he would take an appointment in the Trump administration if offered but the post he wants is ambassador to Canada in the summer and ambassador to Jamaica in the winter.”

-- Portland Press Herald story about Maine Gov. Paul LePage attending Wednesday's Trump rally in Bangor.


Donald Trump holds a fundraiser in Boston and then campaigns in Maine.

Hillary Clinton will attend fundraisers in San Francisco.